Introducing – our expert materials

I. The ground crew for all BECKER furniture families, stainless steel, CNS (chrome-nickel steel) and precision steel profiles with powder coatings. These are used, for instance, in cabinets (chrome-nickel steel, material no.1.4301 / AISI 304), and in our mobile equipment (e. g. chrome-nickel steel tubes and sheet metal, material no.1.4301 / AISI 304) with a 240 / 320 grit brushed surface finish.

II. The mineral materials family, including Corian, Varicor, Plexicor, Hi-macs and Hanex, which we use for table-tops, rear panels or splash-shields.

IIIa. Selected HPL composites with post-formed edges / ABS edging. We use these for our most durable table-tops and practical shelf boards.

IIIb. Reliable HPL solid-core materials, e. g. Trespa: another high-class material that we use for table-tops, rear panels and, as you may have guessed, as another alternative for shelf boards.

IVa. Our stone and ceramics classics. Tried and tested since ancient days – right up the twenty-first century – in all applications calling for stylish and classy, totally heat and chemical resistant table-tops and rear panels.

IVb. Our glass classics. Indispensable all-rounders in laboratory and clean-room areas. Depending on budgets and where the table-tops and splash-shields are to be used, we use safety glass (ESG) for these parts.
Pure normal glass and best quality float glass ensure a clear view, especially in intermediate shelves. To provide safety for doors and splash-shields, our laminated safety glass (LSG) is just right for the job.

V. Plastics, high-tech materials that cooperate “on par” with our other expert materials. We make use of the special characteristics of these materials to manufacture worktops for anaesthetic and dressing trolleys as well as intermediate shelves and drawer dividers.

Have we managed to convince you? Or do you still have some questions in view of the vast number of options?
Well, now it’s up to you. BECKER offers you an almost unlimited range of products and combinations. And we are glad to give you assistance and advice – so that you can find the best possible combination of hygiene, safety, stability, durability, economy, ambience and design.

We look forward to hearing from you.