Always there when you need them: BECKER’s trolley fleet – mobile allrounders for everyday hospital tasks

Keyword: mobile workplace – this means handiness, mobility, speed, functions suitable for the purpose, together with the corresponding equipment, plus the added benefits of tidiness and absolute cleanliness. All that in many variations and every conceivable design.

Whenever you really need them – these trolleys are always at your side, ready for use, both in the operating room as BECKER dressing trolleys and anaesthetic trolleys, or on the ward as BECKER beverage trolley.
All other special-purpose trolleys, such as BECKER emergency trolley for the A+E department, BECKER plaster table and BECKER instrument trolleys meet the same requirements.
BECKER’s trolley family is rounded off by the BECKER ISO system trolley which is suitable for being equipped with the “60 x 40” module system. The wide range of models is based on several basic trolley types supplemented by a comprehensive range of accessories, each individually combined to meet the respective requirements profile.


Ask about our extra fittings the next time you purchase trolleys

For instance, trolleys fitted with various types of work top and table top, with a seamlessly moulded-on raised border on three sides (Becker Standard) or with various other border or rail systems. The versatile drawer inserts can be arranged individually using the BECKER U21 drawer divider system.

Special accessories for anaesthetic trolleys, dressing trolleys and other special-purpose trolleys meet individual needs and can be mounted on top of, at the side of, or under the trolley – depending on the intended purpose:
dispensers for syringes, cannulas, disinfectants or gloves, waste containers, disposal boxes, instrument drop trays, standard rails, sealing devices etc. etc.


BECKER brochure 106 Anaesthetic and dressing trolleys

BECKER brochure 1-3 Drawer Dividers U21
BECKER brochure Beverage trolley