Take a closer look: assisted by our comprehensive portfolio of BECKER furniture for the endoscopy sector

Direct your glance – towards BECKER cabinet systems for preparation and examinations:
for example BECKER endoscopy equipment storage cabinets with retractable wall or turnstile holder and convenient BECKER endoscope holders.These keep your endoscopes ready for use – under the best possible safe and hygienic storage conditions.

BECKER endoscopy supply and return trolleys ensure fast transportation between preparation and examination areas and cleaning and storage locations.

This endoscope sink is supplied exclusively by BECKER

A propos cleaning – we have developed the BECKER endoscope sink specially for safe and gentle preparation of endoscopes: storage of the endoscopes in a fully-extended position and a slanted basin bottom to ensure that liquid can drain off properly guarantee that the best possible hygiene conditions are achieved.
BECKER endoscope sinks are made of Varicor, a high-quality mineral material that is resistant to chemicals and disinfectants.

Our tip: BECKER Hygiene Paneel for unclean workspaces – just one of the many sophisticated components from Becker’s think tank.
How does it work? We’ll be happy to explain.