Perfectly placed: wall surfaces are there to be used with BECKER shelf systems.

So now we can reveal our secret. The BECKER flexible shelf system comprises two main components that can be combined in many ways using mobile BECKER hook trolleys and BECKER wall-hook bars.

Wall-hook bars, the all-rounder: the wall-hook bars are screwed to a wall: Accessories like StU-baskets, system plastic wire containers, dispenser for cannulas or storage shelves guarantee perfect working conditions.
Accessories always available: We intend to keep the versatile accessories to BECKER wall-hook bars and BECKER hook trolleys in stock for many years to come so that you can modify your workplace in line with changes to work conditions at any time.

Easy to find what you need: the shelf system will assist you in all work procedures – saving both time and space. Find what you need at a glance: with the BECKER flexible shelf system, everything is neatly stored, allowing you to maintain an overview of the many different materials and sterile supplies you need on the ward, in the OR, the CSSD and all other functional areas. The BECKER flexible shelf system is modular and is designed for flexible use.
You yourself decide how the individual modules are to be combined to best suit the requirements of your work.


BECKER brochure 2-1 Flexible shelf system